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Testimonials from FGC Troupers, Parents, Alumni and Fans

As you can see, the project of collecting testimonials about the wonderful experience that is FGC is just getting started. And we need your help!

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Our son was thrilled with the opportunity to be part of FGC and he, like all fellow troupers, dove into it with zeal. The hours spent training with high caliber instructors and coaches (who provided endless advice, suggestions and encouragement) allowed our son to learn so many new things, and not just circus-related skills. Their passion and dedication to their students is both apparent and contagious. Being part of FGC, it is impossible not to have fun and make a lot of new friends. It is something our son looks forward to every week.  FGC became something that he could pour himself into, something he would give his all to. His experience at FGC and the skills he’s learned have been ingrained and etched onto his being and is something that he will always have with him. Even now, when you see him walk about, he’ll suddenly pick up random objects and start juggling for the fun of it. What is absolutely amazing is the incredible range of unique talents each troupe member brings to FGC, and what is really powerful is their ability to share it with others and incorporate it into a show.  The kids learn so much from each other! It is also very clear they learn many important non-circus skills and lessons - an appreciation for the broader social, interpersonal and organizational skills that come with working together, creating and staging a show: in particular, the art of continual improvement (kaizen), cooperation, attention to detail are among a few that come to mind. FGC is such an incredible and worthwhile organization; it is quite simply the bee’s knees!
          -Brian Miron, FGC Parent 2012-




Jon Roitman has brought the dream of circus to life for our son. He created a warm environment where everyone was encouraged to try new things, work together, and were allowed to be goofy and able to express themselves. Through his passion, dedication, and hard work we have watched the impact Jon has had on our son and so many others. He has an amazing rapport with all of the troupers and truly cares about each one of them. Throughout our time at FGC, Jon has worn many hats. He was a coach with a desire to give back and share his experiences, knowledge, and skills with others. An artist with an unbelievable vision that created amazing shows which featured the wonderful skills and talents of the troupers. A mentor that took pride in helping and watching the troupers develop and grow. Most importantly, he was a friend that offered support, guidance, and love. He taught our son that with lots of hard work anything is possible. We can't thank him enough for sharing all of his talents with us. We hope to see him again down the road!

          -Tamra Biedrzycki, FGC Parent 2012-

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