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Financial Policies

  • Enrollment Policy: After the Enrollment Deadline a $25 late enrollment fee will automatically be applied

  • Tuition Deadline: Tuition is due in full on or before the first day of class.

  • Payments: Payment must be made in full before the first day of class. (If you are unable to do this, see Payment Plans below) Additionally, if you have an outstanding balance from a previous enrollment, payment must be made in full, or there must be a payment plan in place, before you may enroll in another program. 

  • Deposit: A 25% non-refundable deposit is required upon enrollment in our summer programs. This deposit will be applied to the total cost of tuition for the program.

  • Payment directly in MainStreet  is preferred.  

    • Payments may also be made by check, payable to FGC, PO Box 1207, Wilton NH 03086.

    • Payments may also be made through PayPal following the instructions below in the Payment Options section.

    • If you are not paying through MainStreet, please notify the FGC bookkeeper 

    • Please do not hand any payments to coaches in the studio. ​

  • Payment Plans: If you are unable to pay in full by the first day of class, a payment plan can be arranged. Please email the FGC bookkeeper before your child's first day of class and let us know what you can manage.

  • Financial Aid: If you require assistance, please apply for financial aid here.                                                                                                     Questions?

  • Policy on Late Admission (i.e. enrolling when a program is currently in session)

       Late sign-ups will pay a prorated cost of the program plus a $25 administrative fee.

  • Refund Policy on Early Withdrawals                                                                                                                                         
    Students who withdraw from an FGC program due to injury, illness, or extenuating personal circumstances, may apply for a partial refund of their paid tuition for the season subject to a 25% non-refundable fee. Please discuss your need to withdraw with the Office Manager.  

  • Please note that families are liable for full payment for a season (or modified payment if granted financial aid) until such time as they have emailed the Office Manager to clearly indicate that they wish to withdraw. Word of mouth is not sufficient, nor is notifying or talking to other members of the FGC staff.

  • Payment Options:


     Payment directly in MainStreet is preferred.


     -To pay your tuition through PayPal:

       1) Go to
       2) Log in or establish an account.
       3) Make payment to

     -Mail a check to the address below:

    Flying Gravity Circus
    P.O. Box 1207
    Wilton, NH 03086

    Please make checks for all programs out to "Flying Gravity Circus."

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