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Circus Club


Fall: 9/16/24-12/9/24
Winter: 1/13/25- 2/3/25
Spring: 3/17/25- 5/26/25

Day and Time: 

Tuesday: 6:30-7:45

Jon Roitman



Circus Studio- High Mowing School Campus


Fall: $400
Winter: $125
Spring: $400
$50 non-refundable deposit each season

Financial Aid Deadline

Enrollment Deadline

7/21/24 -late enrollments will incur an automatic $25 fee


The Circus Club focuses on building a strong and broad foundation in the FGC core circus skills, developing stage presence, and creating an end of season showcase. Open to students who are looking to learn more about circus and want to spend 1.25 hours per week working hard to acquire new skills.

Photo Credit: Tamra Lynn

Photo Credit: Tamra Lynn

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