Enrollment for Programs

To Enroll:

1) Go to Mainstreet to create or log in to your FGC account & enroll

2) * YOU MUST Complete and e-sign each of these

        Forms & Waivers for your trouper to participate*

       These forms must be completed before your first class.

3) Financial Aid is available - Deadlines for each season is posted on each program page

   (You must create an account with Mainstreet first.)



  1. Please be sure to review our Financial Policy 

  2. Payments:

    1. Mainstreet - You can pay with credit card directly through our enrollment platform

    2. Paypal

    3. Check - Please mail us a check to: Flying Gravity Circus, P.O. Box 1207 Wilton, NH 03086

To discuss a payment plan, please get in touch with our Bookkeeper and he will happy to help you!


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Enrollment, Registration, and Scheduling questions:

Leah Huntington, Office Manager


For Payments, Invoices, and Finance questions: 


Alexis Pittman, Bookkeeper


For Financial Aid questions


For questions about Troupers, classes, and training:

Jon Roitman, Artistic Director & Head Coach


Questions, comments, concerns, and suggestions for the FGC organization:


Jackie Davis, Executive Director



If you wish to contact the Board of Trustees:


Summer Camp Inquiries:


Mailing address:

Flying Gravity Circus

P.O. Box 1207

Wilton, NH 03086


Cell phone: (413) 313-1778

(Artistic Director Jonathon Roitman)

For program locations, please check the program pages.