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Circus After School Programs

Kids in FGC’s Circus After School Program (CASP) practice a growth mindset by learning skills which, though they may seem difficult at first, are attainable (and increasingly fun) with steady practice. 

Our program is currently on hiatus, please get in touch with us if you have any questions.  Thank you

  • basic tumbling (rolls, cartwheels)

  • basic human pyramids and partner acrobatics

  • ball juggling

  • diabolo (Chinese yo-yo)

  • trick sticks (a.k.a. flower sticks)

  • poi spinning

  • rolling globe

  • rola bola (balance board)

  • clowning and character exercises

  • improvisational games


The last day of a session is reserved for a (fun!) Show ‘n Tell for families and friends. It’s more than a class but not a full-blown performance where CASP kids can share (and show off) the (fun!) skills they’ve learned.


Grade level:

We offer CASPs to children starting in grade 3 through middle school. Students who are age 9 and up typically have the coordination and perseverance to have a positive learning experience with the circus skills we offer. 

We are able to adapt our teaching techniques to suit differences in developmental and physical abilities. We can run play-based programs for grades K-2, and programs more suited to high schoolers. Let us know what you need!


A CASP typically runs directly after school on one day per week for 5-8 weeks. These blocks are mapped out in advance so schools can select the session that works for them. The CASP Director will work with you to determine the best-fit schedule. 


The length of a class is 60 to 90 minutes depending on the group’s age and needs.



We can tailor our program to suit your space, be it a gym, classroom, playground, or other school space.



FGC provides a Certificate of Insurance through our carrier naming the school as Additionally Insured.

In-school or multiple-day residencies:

While programs that run during the school day are not officially on our menu, we are building our capacity to offer them. We’d be happy to discuss and custom-build an in-school program for you.


Homeschool groups work in the same way as school-based CASPs, although we can also schedule them during school day hours. Contact us to discuss your needs.


The tuition per CASP is calculated by the number of weeks and the length of each weekly session. Typically the tuition for one child is around $100.  


Financial Aid:

FGC works to ensure that no child is turned away for financial reasons and can offer limited aid.

About the Circus After School Program

Interested in bringing the Flying Gravity Circus to your school? Have questions about the program? 
Email Chloe at or call 207-691-6144!

Circus skills improve strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance, and the process of learning them promotes self-management, self-confidence, and social awareness. (And did we mention it’s also FUN?)

During a CASP class, the Circus Coach connects with each student and ends each session with a check-in on how things went. The Coach gives instruction in a wide range of (fun!) circus skills which can include the following (COVID-19 adjustments may apply):


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