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Green Troupe

Day and Time: 


Tuesdays: 3:30-6pm
Fridays: 3:30-6pm (required)
Saturdays: 12-2:30pm

Circus Studio- High Mowing School Campus


Ted Lawrence Jon Roitman

Spring Season


FULL Option: 3 Days = $537/mo Mar-May

Tue + Fri Option = $468/mo Mar-May
Includes Performance Saturdays, with opt-out)*

Fri + Sat Option = $437/mo Mar-May
Includes Performances

Start Date

3/7 (Tuesday Classes)
3/10 (Friday Classes)

End Date


Enrollment Deadline

2/24 -late enrollments will incur an automatic $25 fee

Financial Aid Deadline

December 10, 2022


Green Troupe focuses on building a strong and broad foundation in the FGC core circus skills. Troupers also work on developing stage presence, and create a full show, which is performed throughout the season at local venues.

Open by audition (contact Jon) to teens in grades 5-10 who have previous circus experience, or experience in an equivalent movement activity (dance, gymnastics, martial arts, etc.)


FGC Green Troupe Director and Head Coach, Jonathon Roitman, runs training and rehearsals, in collaboration with other coaches. Extra practice sessions may be called if needed to prepare a performance. Troupers are expected to practice on their own or with friends during the week. ​

*We assume that most Green Troupers will participate in the Saturday performances. However, if your trouper will not be participating in any or all of the shows, please inform the Green Troupe Director, Ted, at the first practice.


Spring show dates include:

  • March 24 

  • April 29 

  • May 20 

Skill Requirements

1. Juggle 3 balls fluidly 

2. Forward roll and a cartwheel 

3. Perform a one minute solo act in the discipline of your choice 

Qualities of a Green Trouper include: 

1. Motivation to improve your skills and be good at circus arts. 

2. The ability to work independently in a focused atmosphere. 

3. Prior experience in a circus class, summer camp, or an equivalent movement activity (e.g. dance, gymnastics, martial arts).

 4. Willingness to learn new skills. 

5. The ability to work well with others. 

6. Interest in performing – and teaching – circus arts.

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