Private Lessons

Private Lessons can be scheduled through the Flying Gravity Circus on a time by time basis.


Lessons can be booked with Director and Head Coach Jon Roitman, other coaching staff, or guest coaches upon request.

Email to reserve your slot, or with any specific requests.

Professional Coaches / Private Lessons with Head Coach Jon for students NOT currently enrolled in a Troupe Program (Blue, Green, Purple, or Pre-Troupe): Sliding Scale 

1 student = $50 per hour

2 students = $40 per student per hour

3 students = $30 per student per hour

4 or more = $25 per student per hour

Private lessons with Head Coach Jon or student coaches for students currently enrolled in a Troupe Program (Blue, Green, Purple, or Pre-Troupe): modified sliding scale

1 student = $25 per hour

2 students = $20 per student per hour

3-4 students = $15 per student

"Open Studio" = $10 per hour. This is mostly for alumni, Smirkus Troupers, and professionals. 

Waivers: Parents/Guardians of participants will be required to create a MainStreet account and sign a waiver on-line. 



By email:

By mail:

Flying Gravity Circus

P.O. Box 1207

Wilton, NH 03086

By phone:

(413) 313-1778

(Artistic Director Jon Roitman)

GPS intructions:


Enter 353 Abbot Hill Rd, Wilton NH to accurately arrive at the High Mowing School campus.

The Circus Studio is located on the second floor of the Science Building.


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