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Private Lessons

Register for a private lesson to work on your skills one on one or in a small group,  with a professional or junior coach!


To schedule a private lesson, either inside, outside (weather dependent) or on Zoom:

1-Please contact your coach directly for available times.

 Jon's email is 413-313-1778. Other coach emails available on request.

2 - Refer to the pricing chart below or ask your coach to know the lesson cost.


3 - Your coach will inform FGC office staff who will and create an invoice for you in MainStreet. This may take a week or so to appear.


4 -You will need to pay for your lesson within the next month, OR arrange a payment plan with the FGC Bookkeeper that you are able to follow through on. Failure to do one of these two things may result in a ban on further private lessons until one of them has been done.


  The best is to pay for your private lesson just before it starts. Pay with a credit card on MainStreet, by PayPal, or by putting cash or a check made out to the Flying Gravity Circus in the FGC Mailbox in the studio. (For payments by cash or check, please use the envelopes provided, and write all the requested information on the envelope so we can accurately credit your account.) 

Private Lesson Policies 

At least three people are required to be in the studio during any private lesson. The third person does not necessarily need to be enrolled in the lesson (parents, siblings, friends, etc. are welcome to observe!) If you need help finding a third person, please let us know, sometimes another staff member may be available.

We intend to always allow a half hour between lessons to air out the room.

Dress warmly for training, the studio can be a bit chilly with all of our air circulation. Bring a water bottle.

Please note that a private lesson means that the student will have the full attention of the coach. This does not guarantee that they will have the entire space as there may be classes or other lessons at the same time. We do our utmost to make sure that every lesson has access to the equipment and space needed. 

Private Lesson Pricing Chart


Price Option A:

  • Lessons for any student with a Professional Coach

  • Lessons with Jonathon Roitman for any youth or adult student NOT currently enrolled in an FGC Troupe Program.

Cost per hour:

1 student = $50

2 students = $40

3 students = $30

4 students = $25

5 or more students (technically a small class) = $15


Price Option B:

  • Lessons with Jon Roitman for Troupers currently enrolled in Blue, Green, Pre-Troupe, or Circus Club.

Cost per hour:

1 student = $35

2 students = $25

3 students = $20

4 students = $15

5 or more students = $15​

Price Option C: 

  • Lessons with a Junior Coach (under 18 or with less than professional experience. Coaches under the age of 18 may only work with an adult in the room at all times. Junior coaches must already be employed by FGC to teach other classes, no junior coach may only coach private lessons.)​

Cost per hour:

1 student = $25

2 students = $20

3 students = $15

4 or more students = $10


"Open Studio" cost is $10 per hour. This is for FGC Troupers,  alumni, and professionals who are interested in doing their own training without instruction from a  coach. An adult FGC coach must be present in the room during Open Studio. Participants must be approved by the head coach. A minimum of 2 participants is required, and in order for the supervising coach to be paid there must be 4 participants.

Parents & Guardians

  • BEFORE the lesson, make sure you:

Create a MainStreet Account

  • Refer to the pricing chart or ask the coach to know the lesson cost

or prepare a check or cash to give to the coach before the lesson begins.

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