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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Flying Gravity Circus?

The Flying Gravity Circus (FGC) is a non-profit youth performance and education organization located in Wilton, New Hampshire. Our mission is to use circus arts as a vehicle for positive youth development and to ignite in children and teens a love for learning, teaching, and performing circus.

Our school year programs are the performance troupes for grades 6-12, Pre-Troupe for grades 3-6, and occasional classes for families and/or adults, depending on the season. During the summer we run a camp called Silver Lining Circus Camp for ages 6-14. 

  • Where is FGC based?

FGC practices at the Pine Hill Waldorf School and High Mowing School, both on Abbot Hill Road in Wilton, NH.


  • When are the practices for each FGC performance troupe?

The FGC programs happen at different times, throughout the week and on weekends. Extra sessions may be called if needed to prepare for an upcoming performance. Troupers are expected to practice on their own or with friends during the week. See our Programs page to learn more about each Troupe.

  • What circus activities do the FGC Troupers practice? 

​Troupers work regularly on circus disciplines such as stretching and strengthening, tumbling, acrobatics, springboard, human pyramids, trampoline, handstands, trapeze, fabric, aerial rope, rola bola, stilts, tightwire, rolling globe, unicycling, juggling, diabolo, poi, hula hoop, club twirling. Other disciplines offered occasionally include Chinese pole, slackwire, clowning, freestanding ladder, dance, aerial straps, aerial hoop and Cyr wheel.

  • Who runs FGC practices and rehearsals?

FGC training and rehearsals are run chiefly by FGC Artistic/Executive Director Jonathon Roitman and other FGC coaches, with occasional guest coaches from the circus community.

  • How does FGC address safety?

Safety is the #1 priority at FGC. Our coaches are trained in proper spotting techniques, and students must pass competency tests on all circus equipment in order to use it without a spot. All students sign health forms which alert the director about medical conditions and food allergies; these forms are always on hand. Students are responsible for informing the director about any physical issue or injury which may affect training. Liability waivers are required. It is important for participants and their parents or guardians to understand that as with any physical sport, there is always a small risk of accident or injury associated with circus training and performance.

We have a comprehensive COVID-19 Response Plan for proceeding with training during the pandemic.

  • What are FGC’s activities for this year?

Check out the programs tab on the menu bar at the top of the page! In each section you will find out more about who can join, how to join, and tuition costs.You can also read about our summer program, Silver Lining Circus Camp.

  • I am not old enough to be in FGC. Is there another opportunity for me to do circus?

We run a summer program for ages 6-18, called the Silver Lining Circus Camp.

  • I would love to be in FGC but I don't have the time in my schedule. Is there another opportunity for me to do circus with less time commitment?

You can often find us at community events and festivals giving public workshops. That would be a perfect time to get a taste of circus! If we have an event coming up, you will see posts about it on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • I am an adult or teenager in the local community and I want to support FGC. How can I help out?

Click here to learn some ways you can help FGC, and how to get in touch. We will be happy to have your help!

  • I'm a local adult looking to learn circus skills as a way to have fun and stay healthy. Where can I go?

We sometimes offer adult classes, depending on the season. Check in the Classes tab above, or email if you have questions. You can always book a private class with FGC Artistic/Executive Director Jonathon Roitman (

Also, check out the New England Center for Circus Arts in Brattleboro VT!

  • I would like to book an FGC Performance and/or Workshop for my School/Event/Organization? What is involved? How much is your usual fee?

You can learn all about how to book our various programs and shows here.

  • Does FGC operate in the summer?

FGC finishes its year in May. However many FGC troupers attend the Silver Lining Circus Camp in Milford, NH or the Circus Smirkus Summer Camp in Greensboro, VT.

  • What is FGC’s history?

In 1999, eleven graduates from the Pine Hill Waldorf School joined with Jackie Davis to found the Flying Gravity Circus. Because they appreciated the opportunities provided by their own school circus (the Hilltop Circus, founded in 1996), they wanted to help other schools start their own youth circus programs. FGC booked residencies in schools that included performances, skills workshops, and mini-circuses created by workshop participants, and it donated proceeds to enable schools to purchase new equipment. These efforts have generated new circus education programs in Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Toronto. The original core has grown and moved on, but they have inspired new generations of Flying Gravity troupers who continue to illuminate children’s lives through youth circus.

You can read more about our history here.

  • Who do I contact for more information?

For more information, please contact FGC Artistic/Executive Director Jonathon Roitman: or visit our contact us page. 

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