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Indigo Troupe



Day and Time: 

Mondays: 7:45-8:45
Dance Class at Dance Works
-Wednesdays: 4-6pm
-Fridays: 6:30-9pm
-Saturdays: 3-6pm

Ashley Renwick
Jon Roitman



Circus Studio and Pine Hill Auditorium


Payment plans are available

Financial Aid Deadline


Enrollment Deadline

2/16 -late enrollments will incur an automatic $25 fee


Indigo Troupe focuses on taking students' circus skills to the next level. Troupers select and train in solo and/or duo acts in one area of specialty, while also training intensively in all areas of the FGC core circus skills.

Troupers collaborate in the creation of an artistic and expressive performance which is performed throughout the season at venues across New England and beyond. Indigo Troupe performs for schools and camps who are working to start their own Youth Circus programs, and for other circus schools and studios to help them fundraise, and to share our way of working.

FGC Artistic Director and Head Coach, Jonathon Roitman,

runs training and rehearsals, in collaboration with awesome coaches. Extra practice sessions may be called if needed to prepare a performance. Troupers are expected to practice on their own or with friends during the week.

Blue Troupe Mitosis

In 2022, we found ourselves with an overly full company -- 22 troupers in Blue Troupe, our most advanced performance troupe. Blue Troupers know that training space is tight, there’s a wide range of skill and performance experience, and our coaches are working on overdrive to meet every trouper’s needs.

Just like in 2015 when FGC split into Green and Blue Troupe, we saw an incredible opportunity to broaden the FGC experience for our troupers. Here are the logistics: Practice times for both Blue Troupes will be the same, in different locations, the Circus Studio and the Pine Hill Auditorium. The troupes will alternate between the spaces. Our current roster of coaches will be split, with 2 coaches per troupe, and coaches will be interchangeable between troupes. Each troupe will have it's own dedicated director and Jon will be head coach for both troupes (and spend equal time with each.

Indigo Troupe Requirements:

1) Requirement: One or more years in FGC’s Aqua or Indigo Performance Troupes, or equivalent experience in another youth circus performance troupe. (FGC Green Troupe experience alone is not sufficient for this criteria.)

2)Year-long commitment required (Fall and Spring seasons mandatory; in Winter season, one day per week is mandatory and included with tuition.)

3) Primary focus will be on (a) training and (b) creating solo or small group acts for audition and cabaret performance. Occasional performances may also occur as opportunities arise. 

4) Cabaret creation process: pre-professional act-making in contemporary circus style with director(s) as collaborator(s).

5) Requires initial audition. Does not require re-auditioning unless Trouper has taken a year off.

6) Performances: Indigo will present one public end-of-season cabaret. By design, this Troupe will devote more time to training skills and honing polished, powerful, beautiful acts than on show creation. Exceptions may occur as performance opportunities arise throughout the season, with the possibility of performing ensemble or solo acts at spot gigs. 

7) Trouper must be willing and able to perform.

8) Skills: All Indigo Troupe skill requirements apply and must be met. (Only exception is back tuck on trampoline. Can have a single safety line if needed. Practice plan will be created to track and attain the goal.) 

9) Attendance: Indigo Troupers are expected to prioritize FGC commitments as befits pre-professional work. Very strict attendance policy. Unexcused absences may result in probation or dismissal from the Troupe.

10) Attitude expectations: positive work ethic, respectful of coaches, kind and supportive to all Indigo troupers and to all other troupes (within and outside of studio), mature and professional attitude. Directors will check in mid-season with feedback sessions.

12) Choice: Before the start of the school year, Troupers can choose to move to Aqua rather than remain in Indigo.

Skill Requirements

Strength: Must be able to do 4 out of 6: 

1 pull up, 10 push ups, 20 sit ups, 10 arch ups, 20 second hold hollow body, 20 second plank on forearms  

Flexibility: Must be able to do 3 out of 7: Right leg split, Left leg split, Middle split, Bridge with straight arms and open shoulders, Standing touch toes 10 seconds, Pike touch toes 10 seconds,  Straddle with both elbows down 10 seconds  

Acro: Must be able to do ALL: Forward roll, Dive forward roll, Backward roll, Cartwheel, Handstand forward roll, Backbend from standing on cheese mat, Base OR fly 2-high  

Juggling: Must be able to do ALL: 25 catches with 3 balls At least 2 tricks with balls, 25 catches with 3 clubs, 10 passes in self self pass (6 count) with clubs  

Other Masteries: Must be able to do 3 out of 4: Tightwire master, Rolla Bola master, Globe master, Diabolo master  

Other: Must be able to do ALL: Unicycle master, Be able to perform a one minute solo act in the discipline of your choice, balance either a stick on forehead for 10 seconds, Climb up and down fabric, Star drop on fabric, Up to sitting and standing on trapeze, Gazelle catchers lock, birds nest and angel on trapeze, Back tuck on Trampoline  

Have the desire to improve your skills and be good at Circus Arts. Be able to work independently in a focused atmosphere. Be able to teach basic skills in several circus disciplines in an inspiring manner. Have prior experience in a circus class or summer camp, or an equivalent movement activity. 

Possessing the primary attributes of an FGC Trouper: The drive and will to learn new skills. The ability to work well with others. The love for learning, performing, and teaching circus arts.

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