FGC Performance Prep


Our Performance Preparation Troupe! 

(COVID-19 protocols apply!)

The Flying Gravity Circus Pre-Troupe is open to 3rd, 4th, 5th (and sometimes 6th) graders who possess a strong love for circus arts.


Pre-Troupers should be ready to commit to working hard (while having fun) at circus. Along with improving coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and social skills, the goal of the Pre-Troupe program is to help Pre-Troupers learn what it means to become Troupers in the Flying Gravity Circus.


(Pre-Troupers who are ready can audition to join Green Troupe when they reach the minimum age of 6th Grade.)

Pre-Troupers do not perform during the season, but for the fall and spring sessions present a brief "SHOW and TELL" for family and friends at the end of the session to share what they have learned. 

Coach: Jon Roitman

Saturdays  12-1:30 pm

Outdoors on the Oval at the High Mowing School High School Campus



at the circus studio located on the second floor of the Science Building.

Fall Start Date: Sat 9/18

Fall End Date: Sat 12/11

No Class: 11/27 & 12/4

Tuition: $360

Financial Aid Available

FA Application Deadline: 

Wednesday, September 1


Enrollment Window: Now until 9/15

Flying Gravity Circus
Flying Gravity Circus