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Margaret ‘Gretchen’ Ziegler


Gretchen has been working in leadership roles with non-profit groups and youth since 8th grade when she led a group of fourth grade Brownies as they prepared to "fly up" to become Girl Scouts. She has led social service and recreation management groups working with the elderly, the military, college students, at-risk women and families, as well as children and teenagers. As a college professor, she taught recreation management, business administration, and geography courses as well as serving as the Director of the Division of Business Administration. During this period she developed consulting specialties with non-profit and small businesses dealing with recreation, tourism, social services, military, and educational activities. She frequently has served on Boards including leading committees, serving as an officer, usually the President or Chair. For 35 years she owned and operated a family campground. In her free time, she is President of her college class, and loves to read, cook, and solve puzzles.


Margaret ‘Gretchen’ Ziegler
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