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Alumni Spotlight: Sorrell Nielsen

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Sorrell Nielsen Former Trouper, now giving back to the next generation! ~ FGC Trouper '09-'13 ~ Current coach for the FGC Green Troupe, Pre-Troupe and Blue Troupe

Interview conducted by Ellie Davis, FGC Executive Assistant

Can you give me a snapshot of your life right now?

I'm in my last year of university studying creative writing and English literature, and am doing so from home because it is all online and I cannot get through the Canadian border to my school in Montreal.

What years were you with FGC?

Five years! 2009-2013

Is circus still involved in your life in some way? If so, how?

I perform when I can and continue to train on my own. In non-pandemic times, that usually means performing in the summer with companies like Cirque Us! and training about three times a week on my own.

What was your favorite skill to practice at FGC? Is it different now?

I loved training and performing partner acro, pyramids and tight wire. Now I mainly do tight wire and I practice handstands too.

What was the most unique opportunity you had as a circus artist, or in your field?

Has the pandemic impacted your work?

The pandemic has made me realize how every performance opportunity has been unique. There is nothing more special than coming together with a group of circus performers and creating a show together, and I miss it dearly

What projects or goals do you have your eyes on for the future?

I have just recently gathered all of the pieces to set my tight wire rig up outside, and I hope to be able to perform on it outside with a live audience some day soon.

What was the most valuable thing you gained from being a FGC Trouper?

How to work with other people without losing my patience, how to live in organized chaos.

Flying Gravity has been in operation since 1999! As a coach who has been a Trouper, do you have any advice for the current Troupers, or young circus artists in general?

Don't try to make sense of Jon's system, just go with it and you'll learn loads.

Finally, can you share with us a favorite memory from your time with FGC?

Oh gosh, it's such a big fond blur of purple at this point. One of my favorite times was performing in the show "Moments." It was exciting because it was a show very different from anything I had been a part of at the time.

We are honored to have Sorrell Nielsen join the FGC staff as a coach!!! We are so happy to have her on board!

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