Spring enrollment is OPEN! Financial Aid Deadline is 2/17!

Dates for the Spring 2020 Season are as follows:

Circus Play, Troupling Tumble, and Pre-Troupe: Saturdays 3/7 - 5/30 (with no class on 4/25 and 5/16)

Purple Troupe: Wednesday 4-6, Sunday 12-2: 3/11-5/31

(NO CLASS on 4/12)

Green Troupe: Friday 4-6:30, Saturday 2:30-6: 3/6-5/30

(NO CLASS on 4/25)

Blue Troupe: Friday 6:30-9, Sunday 2-6: 3/13-5/31

(NO CLASSS on 4/12, and 4/24)

Preparatory Class: Tuesday 4-8: 3/3-5/26

(NO CLASS on 4/14)

Extra Prep: Monday 3-6, Wednesday 3:30-5 : 3/2-5/27

(NO CLASS on 4/13 and 4/15)

The Flying Gravity Circus (FGC) is a non-profit youth performance and education organization located in Wilton, New Hampshire. Our mission is to use circus arts as a vehicle for positive youth development and to ignite in children and teens a love for learning, teaching, and performing circus.


Founded in 1999, FGC was incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2016 under the leadership of current artistic director and head coach Jonathon Roitman, who was himself a founding member of the original youth troupe.


Flying Gravity Circus youth performance troupes perform in theaters and schools across New England and beyond, and they offer workshops to help communities build their own youth circus programs. Troupers also participate in local parades, festivals, special events, and Old Home Days celebrations.


FGC teaches circus through its many programs, including Circus Play for ages 2-5, Pre-Troupe for grades 3-5, and Performance Troupes. FGC also reaches out to the community through Circus After School Programs (CASPs) at local elementary schools, as well as classes for homeschool families.

The Silver Lining Circus Camp, FGC’s summer program, offers one-week day camps. Junior Camp is a play-based program for children ages 6-8; Youth Camp is a skills-based program for 9-14 year-olds, and Advanced Camp serves youth ages 9 and up who have prior circus experience and want to train intensely.


FGC was founded in 1999 by Jackie Davis, a circus educator, mime artist, and “circademic” scholar. Under the pen name Jackie Leigh Davis, she recently authored DIY Circus Lab for Kids: A family-friendly guide for juggling, balancing, clowning, and show-making. Jackie believes circus is for everyone, and “you are entirely perfect for learning circus!"