Trouper Contract

I,___________________________________________agree to be a FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS TROUPER, understanding, adhering to and abiding by all of the following principles and rules:
-I agree to practice and perform safely at all times, caring for my own personal safety as well as the safety of everyone else around me, staying attentive to the emotional, as well as physical, safety of my fellow troupers, and bringing any safety concern directly to the FGC Director.
-I understand that the FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS is a performance company with a focus on intensive circus training. I understand that in order to be an FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS TROUPER I need to want to perform, love being on stage, and be willing to work hard to get better at all aspects of circus.
-I agree to train hard, setting S.M.A.R.T. goals for myself and then working with dedication to achieve them. I agree to always believe that I CAN DO IT, giving myself permission to shine and be the best circus artist I can be.
-I understand that a FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS TROUPER is always polite and helpful to others. FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS TROUPERS strive to do their best, working hard to achieve their goals, and always enjoying a challenge, whether it’s math homework, sweeping the floor or juggling 5 balls.
-I agree to leave personal problems, whether just my own or in relation to someone else in the troupe, outside the training space as much as possible, and to notify the FGC Director if I am having a hard time with this, or if something else is wrong in my life that prevents me from training healthily.
-I agree to respect my coaches for their experience and professionalism and listen to their instruction and corrections, trusting that they have a reason for what they require and respecting their requests, even if I disagree or don’t see the point.
-I agree to arrive promptly at the required time for all FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS performances, barring circumstances out of my control such as a health problem or emergency, unless having informed the FGC Director at least two weeks in advance that I will not be able to make it.
-I agree to clearly notify the FGC Director well in advance of any scheduling conflicts with practices and especially with performances. I understand that this is not just my parents’ responsibility, but mine as well.
-I agree to respect the FGC and Pine Hill circus equipment, making sure it is properly cared for and put away, and not using it disrespectfully or in ways that could damage it.
-I agree to aid the FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS in its mission of promoting the participation of youth in developmental youth circus.
-I agree to uphold the image of the FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS as a model for Developmental Youth Circus, by:
-Participating with a good attitude and positive manners towards all.
-Keeping my language clean at FGC practice and especially at any official FGC performing event, protecting FGC’s image by never using any curses, foul words, negative language or inappropriate comments.
-Respecting the FGC training spaces, including the Pine Hill Auditorium, Eurythmy room and all other Pine Hill Facilities, the High Mowing Center Room, the Rinaldo Nielsen Circus Barn, Nix Gym, and all performance and workshop venues.
-Using the internet and social media responsibly and respectfully in all references to the FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS, and informing the FGC Director if I notice an inappropriate online posting involving the FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS.
-I agree not to commit any illegal act under New Hampshire or Federal Law while at a FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS event, including practice, shows, workshops, field trips, etc. I understand that committing any illegal act may be grounds for my immediate expulsion from the troupe.
-I agree to be a good member of our circus family. As well as being a good role model and helping to teach and support other troupers, this means absolutely no roughhousing, rough play, teasing or bullying. As we become a company it is important for all troupers to be able to trust one another. I understand that the FLYING GRAVITY CIRCUS includes troupers of many different ages, and I agree to keep this in mind when choosing my words and topics of conversation.
-I agree to have as much fun as I possibly can this year, remembering even when things are hard how much I love doing circus, and the people I’m doing it with!

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Trouper’s Printed Name: ________________________________________________________

Trouper’s Signature: _____________________________________________________________


Written and compiled by Jonathon Roitman, Wilton, NH, September 2012.


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