Blue Troupe Requirements

Strength: Must be able to do 4 out of 6

1 pull up

10 push ups

20 sit ups

10 arch ups

20 second hold hollow body

20 second plank on forearms

Flexibility: Must be able to do 3 out of 7

Right leg split

Left leg split

Middle split

Bridge with straight arms and open shoulders

Standing touch toes 10 seconds

Pike touch toes 10 seconds

Straddle with both elbows down 10 seconds


Acro: Must be able to do ALL

Forward roll

Dive forward roll

Backward roll


Handstand forward roll

Base OR fly 2-high


Juggling: Must be able to do ALL

25 catches with 3 balls

At least 2 tricks with balls

25 catches with 3 clubs

Other: Must be able to do ALL

Unicycle master

Be able to perform a one minute solo act in the discipline of your choice

Able to balance either a feather OR stick on forehead for 10 seconds

Climb up and down fabric

Up to sitting and standing on trapeze


Other Masteries: Must be able to do 3 out of 4

Tightwire master

Rolla Bola master

Globe master

Diabolo master


-Having the desire to improve your skills and be good at Circus Arts.


-Being able to work independently in a focused atmosphere.


-Being able to teach basic skills in several circus disciplines in an inspiring manner.


-Having prior experience in a circus class or summer camp, or an equivalent movement activity.


-Possessing the primary attributes of an FGC Trouper:

- the willingness to learn new skills,

-the ability to work well with others,

-and the love for performing – and teaching – circus arts.

Flying Gravity Circus
Flying Gravity Circus