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Circus Play

Day and Time: 



Pine Hill Campus Eurythmy Room


Eliana Perlmutter Amy Klein

Spring Season



Start Date

Session 1: 3/11
Session 2: 4/22 (no class 4/29)

End Date

Session 1: 4/15
Session 2: 6/3

Enrollment Deadline

2/24 -late enrollments will incur an automatic $25 fee

Financial Aid Deadline

February 10, 2023


Circus Play is a class for ages 2-5 that focuses not only on learning circus activities, but also developing crucial social skills that can be used in every day life. We play games, work on our hand-eye coordination, tumble, juggle learn balance  skills. We provide a space where every child is allowed and encouraged to be themselves. We encourage children to have fun, play and be silly, while also respecting others' boundaries and keeping safety first. Kids and parents alike love the class, and we hope you will too!

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