The Music of Flying Gravity


Sweet Georgia Brown (live)

Leslie Vogel & Friends

10th Annual Hilltop Celebration!

It is not possible to talk about the Flying Gravity Circus without mentioning the work of Leslie Vogel

Circus Music Director, Accompanist, and Composer extraordinaire. Leslie has been with FGC since our very beginning, sometimes solo, sometimes accompanied by her husband Fred on trombone, sometimes at the helm of a full Fiddle Orchestra. Her custom-crafted compositions and arrangements and her boundless energy have been instrumental (pun intended) in shaping the Flying Gravity Circus.

Leslie was also Music Director for the Hilltop Circus for many years, the show put on by Pine Hill Waldorf School's 7th and 8th graders, which was the seed for the Flying Gravity Circus.


Canon for a New Planet

Composed by Leslie Vogel

played by the New Planet Ensemble, April 2015

Flying Gravity Circus
Flying Gravity Circus