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Enrollment Information

Our new registration system with Mainstreet is up and running!


You can pay by credit card through Mainstreet, however we are still building a payment plan function on that platform. 

To discuss a payment plan, please contact our Bookkeeper

and he will be happy to help you!


Pay via Paypal

Mail us a check*

* Checks payable to: 

Flying Gravity Circus

P.O. Box 1207     

Wilton, NH 03086


Thanks for your patience! 

About your Coach

Sorrell Nielsen started practicing circus right here in this circusy community at the age of six. She learned much of what she knows over many many years attending the Silver Lining Circus Camp, being part of the Flying Gravity Circus, and touring with Circus Smirkus for two summers (2013, 2014). She went on to train and perform in programs at the New England Center for Circus Arts (NECCA), and École National de Cirque (The National Circus School in Montréal). Her foremost circus discipline is tight wire. She is now in her final year studying Creative Writing, English Literature and Anthropology at Concordia University, though she continues to train, perform, and coach circus as well!

Photo: Tamra Biedrzycki

Flying Gravity Circus