Generations of the Flying Gravity Circus

Flying Gravity Circus - 7th generation - 2015
Jonathon Roitman - Director

New Troupers: Henry Bennet, Harrison Kim, Ben Miron, Ben Morton, William Mussman, Sarah Perreault, Shira Sadeh, Johann Schlaefereit, Gage Turgeon
Returning Troupers:  Dylan Biedrzycki, Thomas Buchanan, Kira DiPietrantonio, Jeremiah Dude, Gabriel Halpern-Wight, Owen Kennedy, Meghan McClure, Jack Miron, Joseph Monseur,  Katie Sass, Keiran Sass


Flying Gravity Circus - 6th generation - 2012-2013
Jonathon Roitman - Director Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 , Sara Greene, Director Fall 2013

New Troupers: Philip Buchanan (Trouper in Training), Kira DiPietrantonio, Cole Eby, Katie Hanisch, Jack Miron, Joseph Monseur, Josh Rizzo, Noa Sadeh, Chloe Scott, Katie Sass, Keiran Sass, Brooklyn Zielie
Returning Troupers: Alexandra Adinolfi, Dylan Biedrzycki, Thomas Buchanan, Jeremiah Dude, Brian Fischer, Mason Frazier, Gabriel Halpern-Wight, Naylani Halpern-Wight, Owen Kennedy, Meghan McClure, Sorrell Nielsen, Matthew O'Dowd,  Camdin Turgeon


Flying Gravity Circus - 5th generation - 2012

Jonathon Roitman - Director

New Troupers: Dylan Biedrzycki, Jeremiah Dude, Mason Frazier, Gabriel Halpern-Wight, Meghan McClure, Camdin Turgeon

Returning Troupers: Alexandra Adinolfi,  Thomas Buchanan,  Brian Fischer,  Naylani Halpern-Wight, Owen Kennedy,  Sorrell Nielsen, Matthew O'Dowd




Flying Gravity Circus - 4th generation – 2009-2010

Jackie Davis - Director

New Troupers: Alexandra Adinolfi, Zachary Adinolfi, Thomas Buchanan , Ellie Davis, Georgia Doing, Elise Drapeau, Brian Fischer, Naylani Halpern-Wight, Owen Kennedy, Emily Langdon, Bekk McGowan, Daniel McGuire, Sorrell Nielsen, Matthew O'Dowd, Erica Oliver

Returning Troupers: Greylin Nielsen, Shea Vaccaro


Flying Gravity Circus - 3rd generation - 2004-2005

Jackie Davis - Director

New Troupers: Matthew Frost, Shea Vaccaro, Greylin Nielsen, Elisha Chamberlin, Molly Mirhashem, Robert McGinness,

Returning Troupers: Jennifer Agans, Mason Ames, Viorica Jennings, Tristan Nielsen, Ashley Ogilvy, Lael Skeffington





Flying Gravity Circus - 2nd generation - 2001-2003
Jackie Davis - Director

New Troupers: Jennifer Agans, Mason Ames, Alexandra Frankfurt, Bjorn Falk, Viorica Jennings, Laurel Iselin, Tristan Nielsen, Ashley Ogilvy, Lael Skeffington, Benjamin Swain, Erin Williams, Caroline Wright

Returning Troupers: Jonathon Roitman, Jacob Skeffington




Flying Gravity Circus - 1st generation - 1999-2001
Jackie Davis, Director

Founding Troupers: Abraham Drayton, David Graham, Thora Graham, Kaleen McKeeman, Kerren McKeeman, Tobin Renwick, Jonathon Roitman, Jacob Skeffington, Dana Stevens, Timothy Weeks, Willow Yonika





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Enter 353 Abbot Hill Rd, Wilton NH to accurately arrive at the High Mowing School campus.

If we're outdoors, you can't miss us: we're right on the central green.

The indoor Circus Studio is located on the second floor of the Science Building. 




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