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Day and Time: 


Saturdays 9:30-11:30

Circus Studio- High Mowing School Campus

Jon Roitman


Winter Season



Start Date

January 14, 2023

End Date

February 4, 2023

Enrollment Deadline

Financial Aid Deadline

December 1, 2022

December 7, 2022


The Flying Gravity Circus Pre-Troupe is open to 3rd, 4th, 5th (and sometimes 6th) graders who possess a strong love for circus arts.

Pre-Troupers should be ready to commit to working hard (while having fun) at circus. Along with improving coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and social skills, the goal of the Pre-Troupe program is to help students learn what it means to become Troupers in the Flying Gravity Circus.

Pre-Troupers do not perform during the season, but do present a "Show and Tell" for the fall and spring sessions.

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