FGC Summer Programs


Ages 9-18, previous experience or permission of director required.

Tuition: $300 for the week.

Location: Temple Elementary School, Temple NH


The Intensive Training Week is a time for campers to focus on skill building and building a larger repertoire of circus techniques, without the need to rehearse or perform for a show. The training is more intense than our regular camp programs, but we warmly welcome anyone who is looking for a more rigorous training experience!



June 26-30 (Monday - Friday) and July 11-8 (Monday - Saturday)

Ages 12-18, previous experience or permission of director required - contact Director Jon Roitman at info@flyinggravitycircus.com or 413 313 1778!


The FGC Summer Tour Camp will perform at various venues in the region, with a last performance on Saturday July 16.


Tuition: Total of $625 for the two weeks

Location: Temple Elementary School, Temple NH


Limited scholarships are available for both programs. 


About the Program:

Flying Gravity Circus Tour Camp is our most advanced level camp of the summer and is performance-oriented.   Except in unusual circumstances, the Tour Troupers are teenagers, or at least "tweens" (11 or 12.) Tweens and teens may request attendance in the Tour if they:


  •          have prior circus or performance experience,

  •          are confident 3-ball jugglers (at least),

  •          can perform basic tumbling skills (forward roll, cartwheel),

  •          and have experience in at least one other circus skill that they want to develop. 


FGC Troupers from our school year programs are strongly encouraged to join us for the summer, and we also invite new applications from interested teens who have not worked with us before and want to develop their circus skills.


The Tour program concentrates on longer and more advanced training sessions to improve physical fitness, strength, and flexibility in addition to circus skills.  Troupers select a few disciplines and spend more time specializing in those areas.  Circus skills are taken to a higher level including a workshop day for learning to juggle and twirl fire torches safely and responsibly.


Troupers must possess interpersonal maturity and an ability to self-motivate, and they must be able to work independently of an adult supervisor and to collaborate with others on acts for the performance.  At this stage in their development, adolescents are ready to take increased responsibility for determining which skills they will focus on over the course of the training period and an active role in constructing the show that they will then take “on the road”.  The coaches work to empower Troupers to share their skills with each other, manage the many tasks of touring, and assess the successes and gaps in each performance in order to improve and grow.


Requirements for registering for Tour Camp:  Unless the Tour Director knows the applicant’s levels of circus skill and maturity, an interview or audition (or DVD) may be necessary prior to admission to the Tour. Two letters of recommendation are required but can be waived if the Director knows the applicant personally and/or has worked with the applicant in previous situations. To inquire contact Jon Roitman, FGC Director, at info@flyinggravitycircus.com


FGC Intensive Training Week meets Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

FGC Summer Tour Camp meets Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m for the first week.

On July 4th we will participate in a local parade, and from July 5-8 the schedule will vary according to our performance opportunities.


Troupers may be dropped off starting at 8:30 (but not earlier, please).



Troupers must bring their own hearty snacks and lunches – and LOTS of it!

Please – healthy foods only. No sodas, candy, or sugary treats (brownies, cupcakes etc.)

We regret that we can’t offer a refrigerator or microwave – plan accordingly.

Bring a bottle for water!  We supply refills as needed.


Clothing & belongings:

Troupers should wear clothing that is easy to move in and will keep them cool.

Sneakers and socks are necessary for certain activities.

Gymnastic or soft-soled shoes should be brought if you have them.

Please do NOT bring or wear:


Clothing with offensive language or pictures

Electronic games or devices (cell phones may be brought by older campers)

Disciplines Taught in FGC Programs

FGC Basics: (Regularly studied, importance to circus arts proficiency emphasized)




Stage Presence


FGC Core Disciplines: (Regularly studied and performed by all Troupers, mastery emphasized)

Tumbling (

Ball Juggling and Club Passing




FGC Secondary Disciplines (Occasionally studied and performed by some Troupers, basic proficiency emphasized)


Rolling Globe


Club Twirling

Stick Balancing (Peacock feather balancing as a drill)




FGC Group Disciplines: (Worked on and performed as a group)


Roman Ladders



FGC Optional Specialty Disciplines: (Equipment available, introductions given as time allows, possibility for solo coaching and practice time as interest grows. Basic coaching available, expert coaching may not be available in a given area, but troupers can self train under coach supervision, and workshops with experts can be arranged as the need arises.)





Rolla Bolla


Hula Hoop


Contact Juggling

Ring Juggling

Trick Sticks

Cigar Boxes

Partner Acrobatics/Hand to hand/Banquine

Cyr Wheel



SLCC Camp Registration Deadline: June 30            

FGC Tour Camp Registration Deadline: May 29

Scholarship Applications Due: May 20

CIT Applications Due: April 30

Camp Dates 2017:

Youth Camp: Ages 9-14:

At the Parish House of the 1st Congregational Church

10 Union St., Milford NH

Session 1: July 10-14

Spaces still available!

Session 2: July 17-21

Spaces still available!

Junior Camp: Ages 6-8:

At the Parish House of the 1st Congregational Church

10 Union St., Milford NH

Session 1: July 10-14

Spaces still available!

Session 2: July 17-21

Spaces still available!

FGC Intensive Training Week: 

June 19-23, Temple NH

Spaces still available!

FGC Summer Tour Performance Camp:

June 26-July 8, Temple NH

Spaces still available!

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