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We are currently in the process of actively looking to expand our programs.

If you think that there is interest in your school, organization or community

for an Extracurricular Circus Arts Program, or Circus Arts Residency, please send us an email at


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How Our Program Works



  • Over a period of time lasting from one month to three months, we offer once-a-week high quality after school circus arts classes to students at your school. There is also the option of having us produce a full circus performance, featuring your students as the stars. (This option is only availablie in a program with 12 or more weekly classes.)

  • We can teach between 10 and 20 students per class during after-school hours.

  • The tuition for this program is paid for by the parents of each individual student.

  • Your PTO or other organization can make money by selling tickets, refreshments, and circus goods.

  • Program also includes a free all-school assembly


How does this work?

1) First, contact us. We'll let you know which days of the week and dates are available. We put a tentative hold on the weekly block of time you want. 

2) We supply you with support materials to help you advertise the after-school circus program to the parents. These materials include: a poster template, a letter template, an email template, sign-up forms, and a customized webpage.

3) You spread the word and gather sign-ups. (Minimum 10. Maximum 20.) It is your choice whether to have us handle the registration and payment process through our website, or to handle it yourself and write us a check with the tuition balance at the start of the program.

4) We train your students in a  2.5 class, one day a week, for the determined amount of weeks, and give you the option of having us produce a high quality performance with your students on a Friday or Saturday evening.


What is the fee?
We aim to charge $15.00 per student per 1.5 hour class. The fee for the entire session will be determined based on your needs and schedule, and can be passed off to the families of students participating in the program. OPTIONAL: If you decide to handle registration and payment yourself, you can charge each participant more than our set fee and keep the profit; or, to support your students, you could charge less than our set fee and pay the difference out of your organization's funds. You can pay by whatever means is most appropriate and cost effective for you.


What age levels are eligible for the Circus After School Program?
Students age 8 and up.


Can we do this with less than 20 students?
Yes. The minimum is 10 students per class. The maximum is 20 per class.


What type of skills are taught?
Juggling, Trick Sticks, Diabolo, Rolling Globe, Plate Spinning, Acrobatics


How do we advertise this?

  • You can advertise by email (we’ll give you a template);

  • You can advertise by posters (we’ll give you a template);

  • You can advertise by letter (we’ll give you a template);

  • You can advertise through the web (we’ll construct a customized webpage for you);

  • You can advertise in the newspaper (we’ll give you a press release).


In the event that we decide to have you produce a performance with our students how can our PTO/PTA use this as a fundraiser?

  • You can sell tickets to the performance.

  • You can sell refreshments at the performance.

  • You can sell circus goods. We supply the goods, you sell them during the show and after the show, and you keep 10% of the gross.

  • You can handle registration and mayment yourself and charge more than $75 per student.
    All of the above is optional.


What is the optional final performance like?
It’s a grand event, complete with costumes, music, and a beautiful curtain. Each student will appear in several acts, and the acts are of high quality and well-rehearsed due to the in-depth programming hours. It will be a memory that will last a lifetime! Invite parents and your community!


The After-School Program is for just 20 students. How can the rest of the school be involved?

In addition to the after-school component, the program includes a free all-school assembly which takes place during regular school hours. Your school can purchase additional school-time class workshops at $100 each.


What does Circus After School Programs (Operated by the Flying Gravity Circus non-profit corporation) provide?

  • The talents of Jonathon Roitman, a skilled circus artist with over 15 years of experience in circus performing and teaching

  • All the equipment necessary to teach basic circus skills (juggling equipment, trick sticks, diabolos, rolling globes and more);

  • Support materials help with sign-ups and advertise the performance.


What does your school provide?

  • A gym, multi-purpose room, or other space for teaching circus skills, with gym mats if available;

  • An additional adult to be present during the program hours.


Who Leads the After School Program? 
Jonathon Roitman, Circus After School Programs' Head Coach and Administrator. 


Is anything dangerous?
No more dangerous than playing a game of baseball. All activities are supervised at all times.



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