Flying Gravity Circus Basic Skills


The following skills will serve you well as a Flying Gravity Circus Trouper. It is not necessary to master all these skills in order to be accepted into the Company, but as you master more skills you will continue to improve as a Circus Artist, which will in turn create a higher likelihood of acceptance. These skills are also basic building blocks for any good circus career, and will serve you well in any circus or acrobatic program.


This list was created by FGC Director Jonathon Roitman in March 2013. You have permission to copy it,  print it out, and put it on your refrigerator.


*Please note that it is never a good idea to work on acrobatic or balance skills without a qualified coach and adequate safety equipment. If these are not currently available to you, it is strongly suggested that you focus on strength, flexibility and juggling.



Forward roll jump 3x

Backwards roll to pushup position

Quarter turn cartwheel straight legs pointed toes

Hurdle cartwheel

Down to bridge from standing and back up, handstand to bridge, bridge kickover

Handstand fall to back on crash mat

Handstand forward roll

Dive roll


Candle with open hips



10 pushups elbows touching sides

20 Hollow body rocks

10 seconds in good handstand stomach to wall with a qualified spotter

Jump onto 2 trapezoids without running.

(Leg lifts if equipment is available) (Pull-ups if equipment is available)



Must be able to touch toes with straight knees.


The following will be also taken into account:

Both Side Splits

Center Split


Toe Point




25 Catches with 3 balls

25 Catches with 3 rings

25 Catches with 3 clubs

Club passing 3-3-10

Throw and catch diabolo

Whip propulsion with diabolo

Balance a peacock feather 10 seconds on nose without moving feet



Ride across stage on unicycle

Walk across the tightwirewire, pausing for 10 seconds on each foot in the middle

Globe master test



Love performing - and teaching - circus arts.

Be willing to learn new skills.

Be able to work well with others.

Have an I Can Do It attitude.

Be willing to work hard for good form in order to progress to harder skills.

Respect your coaches, your fellow Troupers, the equipment and the space.



Good luck! If you have any questions about any of this material, just send an email to!

Flying Gravity Circus
Flying Gravity Circus